Homeland Security

It has always been a big challenge to identify suspects/criminals in uncontrolled and crowded public places. Face recognition technology is the only solution that can detect persons of interest with high accuracy in real-time, without need for interaction. Corvo® Identify is able to thoroughly pinpoint suspects so that preventive action can be taken. Ensure the safety of your cities and communities with Corvo’s proactive and smart approach.

Border Gates

Both national and international security depends on reliable border control. Borders with Corvo Identify and Verify are able to detect criminals and prevent the entry of persons with false identities. For a high level of border security, our product family ensures fast, accurate and secure passenger processing. In addition, our technology is able to observe refugee movements closely, which has become a growing issue of the present day.

Governmental Buildings

As public offices are very vulnerable to attacks, facial recognition is the key solution to protect public offices and public officials. Our systems play a vital role in security.


The proliferation of national and international travel is making conventional methods of passport control and security obsolete. Corvo Verify offers efficient and prompt passport control while Corvo Identify enables the detection of criminals. Additionally, Corvo Identify enhances customer service through face recognition solutions in lounges by enabling personal services.

Public Transportation

Every day, masses of people go in and out of metro and train stations. These sites have become potential targets for terrorist attacks making the use of Corvo Identify essential for heightened security.


Ports are both tourism and trade hubs. Employing Corvo Identify and Verify enhance the safety level of travel and prevent illegal immigration.

Critical Infrastructures

Sites such as oil refineries and other critical premises are vulnerable to potential attacks. Highly accurate face recognition systems make possible the safeguarding of such highly-valued sites. Make critical infrastructures safer through Nevalabs' trusted face recognition software solutions.


Sports arenas being places of entertainment where outdoor sports, concerts, or other events take place, unfortunately, entail a perceived risk of violence and terrorism too. The first step to eliminating this risk is identifying unauthorized persons accessing stadiums via automatic identity control systems. Detecting hooligans, barred offenders, or terrorists in/around large arenas by analyzing and identifying faces help to create a violence-free environment. Thus, stadiums are kept as high-tech and secured places that can be enjoyed by families and friends through the protection provided by our product family Corvo.

Mega Events

Due to a large number of attendees, it is extremely difficult to ensure the security of summits, fairs, exhibitions, races, concerts and other organizations. With our next generation face recognition solutions, it’s possible to control VIP access and detect the entrance of unauthorized or criminal persons.


Telecoms are no longer just mobile operators. They are now digital service providers, which contribute significantly to digital transformation. We are pleased to provide face and object/scene recognition software in an effort to ease this transition. Fraud prevention, automatic album creation, customer recognition, identity verification, home and office safety are some of the solutions enabled by our advanced software technologies.


The banking sector frequently experiences identity fraud attacks, more so after the digitalization of bank transactions. Nevalabs offers Corvo Verify face verification and liveness detection software to increase the security level of login, digital onboarding, loan application and call center operations in digital banking applications while also offering Corvo Identify and Corvo Access to secure branches, data centers and ATMs.

Business Centers

Corvo Access provides contact-free identity verification for each and every person going in and out of business centers to create a secure working environment. It also helps to improve staff attendance systems.


In order to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases such as Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to carry out identity authentication procedures socially distant and contact-free in hospitals. Corvo Verify deep learning-based face verification system is the only solution that meets these needs with high accuracy among all other biometric systems. Furthermore, by integrating Corvo Verify into hospital information systems, we are able to make sure that only authorized personnel and doctors are able to see the confidential information of patients. Besides, it is vital to overcome ever-increasing acts of violence to create secure hospitals. Corvo Identify enables the identification of people on blacklists in order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

Schools and Dormitories

Should their campuses and dormitories be protected against all types of threats through the use of innovative solutions, students would, thus, be able to pursue their education in a much more secure and convenient environment. Our face identification and verification systems, on the other hand, will further foster growth in the rate of both class and dormitory participation by closely monitoring absenteeism. Moreover, our smart ID verification systems will help generate secure, reliable and valid exam settings in both formal and online education systems.

Online Education

The isolation process due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic disease made the use of online education and training applications mandatory. We contribute to the security of online training and exams with Corvo Verify deep learning-based face verification software.

Hotels and Casinos

It is imperative for hotels and casinos to be able to recognize its VIP customers in order to sustain them. In such a setting, it is also vital to keep active blacklists. Corvo Identify prevents fraud with its high accuracy recognition capability while enabling the recognition of VIPs for customer satisfaction. Moreover, events such as conventions, meetings, celebrations can be organized in a secure environment.

Shopping Malls

Marketing directly to the target audience significantly enhances sales and conversion rates. Anonymous information gathered through our deep learning-based software focusing on gender and age range provides detailed statistics on segments of customers visiting shopping malls on specific days and time. Additionally, by increasing security levels via Corvo Identify, a pleasant shopping atmosphere is generated.


Every customer wants to feel special. By integrating face recognition technologies into CRM systems, tailor-made personal promotions can be offered resulting in higher sales volumes and expansion of customer portfolio.