Nevalabs®, primarily established to provide homeland security solutions, is a high technology company offering services in both domestic and global markets since 2015 in İstanbul. In addition to the area of homeland security, Nevalabs accommodates solutions for face and object/scene recognition for a variety of sectors such as telecommunication, banking and health. In today’s digital world, as Nevalabs we particularly take pride in being one of the prominent pioneers in the areas of deep learning-based face and object/scene recognition systems providing access to the most comprehensive solutions.

Our mission is, therefore, to enhance cities, systems and applications so as to make them much smarter and safer. To accomplish this mission, we aim at providing our clients with reliable solutions and invariably at safeguarding the best customer experience by utilizing ever-changing technologies in all security matters.

Likewise, R&D has constantly been a fundamental concern for our company. As being fully integrated with global dynamics, Nevalabs proceed to maintain sustainable growth through innovation and enhancement of its products and services. At this point, the expert team members and mature processes of Nevalabs are the key to success and are well appreciated.

As today biometric systems are required to secure critical sites, face recognition technology is distinctive in its ability to identify persons promptly and accurately even in crowds without any need for interaction. To achieve this, Nevalabs implements self-designed Corvo® Identify, Corvo Verify and Corvo Access next generation face recognition solutions that provide the highest accuracy rate. Corvo product family, to exemplify, with its deep learning-based technology, modular design and scalable architecture provisions the complete solution fulfilling the security needs of clients.

Essentially, Nevalabs, as a high technology company, is esteemed to value business ethics. On this grounds, while accomplishing mission-critical and confidential projects, we put high emphasis on prioritizing privacy of personal data protection over any other significant issue.

İsmet Çelebi

General Manager, Co-Founder

İsmet Çelebi received his B.S. degree from Bilkent University in Computer Technology and Information Systems. He started his early career as a secondary instructor of fundamental computer science courses at Bilkent University, thereafter continuing in the defense and security sectors. He involved in and managed many large scale international R&D projects. His areas of expertise are software engineering, process management and improvement, program management, product design and management, quality management, international standards and models. His aspiration for the industry and technology combined with his entrepreneurial nature has led him to discover innovative solutions within the industry.

Along with his directing position, Çelebi leads and guides the Nevalabs team on technical matters as well.

Deniz Bilgütay

Deputy General Manager, Co-Founder

Deniz Bilgütay received her B.S. degree in Biology from İstanbul University. After 14 years of experience in sales and marketing in international pharmaceutical companies, she established her first company Invivo, a human resources and consultancy company, working with numerous firms from various sectors.

With her robust experience in sales, marketing and HR, Bilgütay successfully coordinates the Nevalabs team.