Next generation safety solutions of Nevalabs are now in N.visionLab and Netaş's 5G ecosystem

Nevalabs recognizes faces with masks

Our General Manager İsmet Çelebi was a speaker at Pelco Partner Event 2019 as a solution partner

Corvo Identify face recognition software is now on Milestone Marketplace

Corvo Identify central face recognition system was introduced at World Cities Congress İstanbul'19

Nevalabs was announced as a finalist for the 13th Technology Awards.

Corvo Identify Corporate central face recognition system is being used by the Turkish National Police for homeland security.

Turkcell is using Nevalabs' high accurate, deep learning-based face and object/scene recognition software.

Corvo Identify Expert next generation face recognition system was used to ensure the security of the 2015 G20 Antalya Summit.


Face Recognition

Corvo® Identify central face recognition and alarm management system provides the highest accuracy rate through the use of deep learning-based technology. Its enhanced capabilities include fast face detection, advanced face tracking and high accurate face recognition to identify persons of interest, criminals, missing persons and VIPs from photos, cameras and archived videos.

Corvo Identify’s advanced technology works under uncontrolled, real-life conditions. The system overcomes real-life challenges which frequently constrain most of the face recognition algorithms; such as pose, age and illumination variations. With its advanced face recognition engine, Corvo is robust to exaggerated expressions, occlusions, eyeglasses, hats and scarfs too. Therefore, it provides the best face recognition solution for homeland security.

Corvo Identify Expert and Corporate editions are developed for varying scales of projects. Corvo Identify Expert is, for instance, designed for fulfilling face recognition needs of medium-scale projects. Corvo Identify Corporate, on the other hand, enables highly scalable software for mission-critical and large scale (1M+ face enrollments, hundreds of cameras and multi-users) systems. Corvo eliminates single points of failure through its distributed and fault-tolerant software architecture.

Make your cities safer and smarter with Corvo Identify.


Identity Verification

Corvo Verify API is a powerful face verification software that smoothly integrates into ID control systems. Corvo Verify ensures fraud prevention by verifying persons through face images stored in identity cards or in the system. With its highest accuracy rate, it overcomes challenges such as low-quality image and variation of expression, age and pose.

Corvo Verify high-level API is very simple to use and integrate. It is the ideal solution for

  • Automatic passport control at airports
  • Automatic access card control at stadiums
  • Contact-free identity authentication at hospitals
  • Automatic driver control in vehicles such as taxis, buses
  • Fraud prevention in the stores of mobile operators

Corvo Verify can detect spoofing attempts with its deep learning-based liveness detection capability. The liveness analysis process is performed through face rotation and eye blink detection features. Furthermore, it can perform liveness detection from static images too. Identity authentication software with liveness detection feature is very significant for the security of online systems such as


Access Control

Corvo Access

Corvo Access is a face recognition API which can be integrated into controllers and staff attendance systems. It takes its power from Corvo’s deep learning-based technology. It is able to verify an identity in less than 100 ms, with the highest rate of accuracy.

Corvo Access can be used to increase the security level of an access control system. A combination of access control systems with Corvo Access prevents the usage of stolen/lost cards and security violations in restricted areas such as critical facilities, data centers, public buildings and business centers. What distinguishes our technology from other solutions is that it is non-intrusive and requires no interaction, which makes this technology inescapable.

Provide the top-level solution to prevent unauthorized access with Corvo Access.